Maximize yield with a single-token DeFi optimizer

Gain instant access to high-APR DeFi strategies with a single token.

*Beta version now available for wstETH holders

The pillars of our ecosystem

Automated strategies

SupremeDAO automates DeFi strategies, removing the need for users to navigate complex processes. Stake your assets and the system automatically manages yield generation and risk mitigation.

DAO Governance

Governance in SupremeDAO is community-led. Holders of $SUP tokens directly influence the platform's strategic decisions through DAO votes, ensuring transparent and democratic control over the vault's operations.


YAI means “Yield Automated Instrument”. YAI centralizes our diverse strategies under one token. It's designed to increase in value as our strategies succeed, backed by a diversified asset pool. This makes investing in DeFi strategies straightforward and efficient.

DAO Governed Liquidity

SupremeDAO manages its liquidity by creating DAO controlled pools and applying veTokenomics incentives and strategic investments to ensure profitability and stability, with all operations automated and governed by DAO

Innovation powered
by Daoism Systems

SupremeDAO is built by Daoism Systems, a development studio creating self-sovereign internet organizations, frontier tooling, and DeFi protocols since 2022. Being part of the Daoism ecosystem enhances our offerings through long-lasting and community-driven partnerships.

*Daoism Systems professional network

Featured Strategies

Genesis wstETH Maximizer

Maximize your wstETH on Ethereum mainnet with our multistep Aura farming strategy. Through automated borrowing and auto compounding, this strategy enhances your yield.


Through DAO controlled liquidity pools and veTokenomics incentives, our SupremePool strategy achieves superior returns and community-driven stability. Access a fully automated strategy directly steered by the SupremeDAO community.

L2 Yield Harvester

Explore the potential of Layer 2 networks and multi-chain ecosystems. Engineered to optimize incentives and influence voter behavior, securing and amplifying rewards across various networks for our community.

Boost your ETH holding with a 10%+ APR

SupremeDAO’s first strategy features a stunning 10%+ APR for wstETH holders. While this strategy does not feature $YAI, it perfectly illustrates the mechanics of our ecosystem and strategies.