Introducing SupremeDAO

Fully trustless and automated system for reinvesting liquidity into sophisticated DeFi strategies.

SupremeDAO offers a number of DeFi strategies that simplifies on-chain investments through automated yield farming, leveraging the efficiency of wstETH and enhancing the overall DeFi ecosystem.

While most strategies require active and complex management, SupremeDAO does it fully automated; just choose your strategy and start earning. Our performance will be reflected in KAI.

Overview – How KAI works

Bonding Curve
Adjusts to demand upon minting KAI. Partial collateral remains in the curve for exit liquidity.

Basket of Assets
Multi-collateral backing diversifies reserves to distribute risk across different asset types

Customizable rules defined by SupremeDAO that stake, trade, and maintain the collateral ratio value for the Basket of Assets

Join us in the supreme DeFi revolution for a user-empowered economy.

SupremeDAO is the main DAO venture of Daoism Systems, a tech studio building user-empowered futures.

SupremeDAO is the main DAO venture by Daoism Systems, a studio building self-sovereign internet organizations, tooling, and deFi protocols towards a permissionless future. Since our founding in 2022, our projects include DoinGud, Balancer, PrimeDAO, the decentralized Safe registry with Ceramic, and our incubated project, NinDAO.