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Advanced Information

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Seamlessly Integrated Strategy

We optimize yield generation through seamless integration with Aura Finance, crvUSD, and Paladin, utilizing wstETH in high-yield pools to minimize risks.

Automated Yield Farming

The Power Agent generates debt on Curve in crvUSD and stakes these funds in high-yield Aura Finance pools, automating the yield generation process.

Risk Mitigation & Optimization

A portion of the generated yield is automatically allocated to close the Collateralized Debt Position (CDP), while another portion is optimized for additional returns on Paladin.

Streamlined Investment Process

No more manual token selling, position locking, or bribe round participation, we are simplifying the investment process while targeting substantial yields on ETH investments.

Prior to engaging with SupremeDAO’s strategy thoroughly review the documentation and terms and conditions provided. Keep in mind that returns can fluctuate: we recommend using the user interface to preview both deposits and withdraws for current performance estimates. By proceeding with your deposit, you acknowledge and accept these terms and assert your understanding of the strategy’s mechanics and inherent market risks.

How it works

Forget manual actions, achieve more yield

We use your wrapped staked ETH to borrow money and invest in high-yield pools. Profits are used to pay off the loan and reinvest for better returns. All fully automated.